Emergency Battery Charger

Emergency Battery Charger


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With Emergency Battery Charger your mobile device will never lose power again! OVER 40.000 SATISFIED USERS!

Emergency Battery Charger is an innovative application based on a completely new technology patented by Multinational Institutes of Technology. It uses the energy accumulated on the surface of capacitive touchscreens (used in all modern mobile devices running Android or iOS).

When a finger touches the screen, a small electric charge is created on its surface. Thanks to that charge, it is possible to determine the position of your finger on the screen. When the position is determined, the charge is immediately dispersed and the device is ready to respond to another touch. With Emergency Battery Charger it is possible to "intercept" that charge before it is dispersed and transform it into energy that can charge your battery.

The technology used in this application is still being developed and refined. The current efficiency of Emergency Battery Charger allows to recharge the battery up to 5-10% within several minutes (depending on the size of the screen). If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of this application, please visit the Multinational Institutes of Technology website: http://www.institutes-of-technology.eu (*)

You need to charge your device at least 1% to see the result of charging on your android device (in "Settings" -> "Battery")!

(*) All the information contained herein are entirely fictional. Multinational Institutes of Technology is not a real institute of technology nor an association of universities. This application is intended only as a joke and will not help you charge your battery. Charging the battery by the application (without real power source) is impossible. You use this application on your own responsibility.

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