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Enjoy the benefits of company knowledge at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it, with enaio® – the document and workflow manager for those on the move. This app provides quick and easy access to the information on your enaio® ECM platform from your Android smartphone or tablet.

A number of new possibilities then arise for remaining productive when on the move. For example, before a meeting you can quickly access the latest version of a project file from your smartphone. Or when carrying out a building inspection, photograph any defects and make them instantly available to your company. Important documents that you work on during a flight can be automatically synchronized with the ECM system once you land. Urgent processes such as an approval can be triggered from your tablet when you are at an external appointment. And more besides.

With the enaio® app you can:
* enjoy quick and easy access to company documents managed in enaio®.
* search rapidly and comfortably in the ECM system for information (via search routines with/without parameters, saved queries, meta data, full text, etc.).
* browse, zoom, read, and forward documents – regardless of their original file format.
* via the history function, continue working immediately with the most recently edited documents.
* view the meta/index data of document, e.g. editor, status, etc.
* save documents from the ECM platform offline, so that you can also access them without an Internet connection.
* start, receive, edit, and forward digital workflows (with/without attachment).
* be notified automatically about changes to documents, folders, and directories in the company network.
* use the follow-up function to work on processes and documents at the correct time.
* enter data and documents via a smartphone or tablet and make them instantly available on the company network.
* work with the ECM system enaio® and the versions OS|ECM 7.x.
* remain productive offline at all times and access information and workflows
* etc., etc.

Try it now for free

This free app provides access to the enaio® demo system. Access data is preconfigured. When using the demo system, please remember that the data you enter (e.g. images, documents) is also visible to other users of the demo system. All data in the demo system is deleted by us on a daily basis. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the content or loss of third-party data.

Please contact us if you wish to use the app in connection with an existing or other enaio® system.
Are you interested in the entire enaio® package?

Our app is already powerful. But with the entire enaio® system in the background it can do even more. Experience the full spectrum of functions and usability. Request a copy of our info material which tells you everything you need to know. Our employees will also be happy to advise on the possibilities provided by the mobile extension of your enaio® system.

Immerse yourself in enaio® with a live DEMO – request one now!
And by the way: the enaio® app is now also available for iOS and Windows.

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