English Grammar Lessons

English Grammar Lessons


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English Grammar Lessons

Grammar is the study of words and the ways words work together. An invisible force that guides us as we put words together into sentences. Any person who communicates using a particular language is consciously or unconsciously aware of the grammar of that language.

How to Identify the Subject of a Sentence
How to Identify the Verb in a Sentence
Singular vs Plural Verbs
Verb to Use w 1 Singular 1 Plural Subject
Verb to Use When Subject Follows Verb
Verb to Use When Subject Is Each
Verb to Use When Subject Is None
Verb to Use with Subjects Joined by And
Verb to Use with Subjects Joined by Or
Verb to Use with a Collective Noun
How to Use Pronouns Grammar Lessons
When to Use Who vs Whom
When to Use Whoever vs Whomever
When to Use Good vs Well
When to Add Er vs Est to a Word
How to Use Adjectives
How to Use Adverbs Grammar Lessons
When to Add Ly to a Word
How to Use This That These Those
Can You End a Sentence w a Preposition
How to Avoid Doubles
When to Use Of vs Have
When to Use Between vs Among
Each Other vs One Another
When to Use In vs Into Grammar Lessons
When to Use Like vs As
Active vs Passive Voice
How to Avoid Misplaced Modifiers
How to Avoid Dangling Modifiers
How to Avoid Split Infinitives

In a tight job market, using proper grammar is more important than ever. In these videos, Gotham Writers' Workshop instructor Stephanie Paterik reviews the basics. See if you know as much as you think you do.

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