EQ & IQ Emotional Intelligence

EQ & IQ Emotional Intelligence


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We all know someone who is incredibly bright and yet cannot seem to pull their life together. The brilliant student who flunks out of university, or the incredibly intelligent worker who can’t seem to get ahead in their company. We know from our familiarity with them that they have a good to superior intelligence level, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to ensure success. And at the same time, we can probably describe in some form why we feel these people have not been successful. Our descriptions would include certain traits or behaviors that have nothing to do with intelligence.
People with highly developed EI are proven to be more successful in the workplace because they can understand their emotions and why they behave the way that they behave. They can use their emotions as clues to what their body and mind are trying to tell them. And they can use their EI to truly understand others and their points of view.

When they wield this kind of tool, they can overcome the kinds of emotional obstacles that tend to stop us all. They can understand why others feel the way that they feel and why they are doing what they are doing, and use that knowledge to help others perform at their best. They can resolve conflict quickly and recover from setbacks with aplomb. They are good in a crisis, strong at communicating, and successful where others fail. Later in this ebook, we’ll look in more detail at some real-life examples of how EI can help you in the workplace. But now, let’s look at how emotional intelligence is different from our traditional ideas about intelligence.

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