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Face Swap with people in same Photo or Face Swap with People in different Pictures, Swap your face with Fruits, Have Face Mask with Animal masks.

Faces Swap is the best Face Swapper and is filled with awesome features:
1. Face Swap in same Photo - Faces Swap lets you Swap Faces between people in same photo. Swap Faces works by detecting Faces in the photo and switches the faces naturally and make the faces natural by applying our algorithms to make faces look natural. Smooth Photo Blend, Blends the swapped faces.
2. Face Swap Between pictures - You can select 2 pictures and Faces Swap will swap the faces between the Pictures you selected. Face Swapper swaps your face with friends faces. Photo Blender that is part of app blends faces smoothly.
3. Face Swap with Animals - You can swap face with wild animals, we selected a huge list of animals you can swap faces with. Animal faces can be added to your face making you look part animal and part Person. Show your wild animal side by mixing your face with animal face. Blend Photo Faces with Animal faces.
4. Face Swap with Fruits - Switch your faces with Animals. Swap your face with wide range of fruits to make your photos look awesome with Fruit Faces. Face Swapper turns your face into any number of fruits.
5. Emoji Face Swap - Swap your face with Emoji's Wide range of Emoji's including Emoticons Swap, Animal Emojis, Country Flag Emoji, Sports Emojis. Replaces your face with Emojis in photos. Emoji Face Swap will make any photo funny.
6. Live Face Swap with Animal Faces - Live Face Swap lets you swap faces with Animals. Wide range of Animal Faces are included for Live Animal Swap.

Create Funny Looking Faces with Face Swapper that works seamlessly and modern.
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    Android 2.3+

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