Fever Check Thermometer

Fever Check Thermometer


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You do not have a thermometer and you want to measure the fever? This app allows to measure the fever, or at least have a rough indication, by means of the camera, it calculates the body temperature and the level of fever by analyzing the number of heartbeats, because the heart rate is influenced by fever.

So even if not 100% reliable because check fever only by pulse rate, it is not a prank like other similar app to measure fever and body temperature.

To calculate the number of pulse it use the main camera, in fact placing and keeping your index finger on the lens of the rear camera, the app is able to count the beats by analyzing the change of color due to the pulsations.

This free app to measure fever with pulse rate, based only on heart rate, can not provide a reliable result at 100% but only a rough estimate, so it is advisable to use a real thermometer.


Start the app and in the rest state, place and firmly hold your index finger on the rear camera.

Tap the red "Start Thermometer" button to start scanning of the finger pulse and display the results.

DISCLAIMER: The results are merely indicated and may differ from those of a real thermometer. It is recommended to use a real thermometer and we assume no liability for the use of information obtained from the app. The app can not provide reliable results for children.
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