Fever in Babies & Kids High Fever Treatment Help

Fever in Babies & Kids High Fever Treatment Help


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A fever is not an illness or disease but is considered a symptom of many diseases. Fever usually indicates that the body is fighting an illness and the immune system is functioning. Cold & flu, pneumonia, malaria, dengue, exposure to heat, stomach infection, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, reaction to certain vaccination, ear infection, typhoid, getting overheated from being dressed too much etc could cause fever in babies.

One of the most common sign of fever in babies is a warm forehead, but not having a warm forehead doesn't mean that your baby doesn't have a fever. other symptoms include:-
*child behaving more crankier and fussier
*Poor sleeping
*Poor eating
*High pitch crying
*Skin rash
*Lack of interest in play
*Less active or even lethargic

In this, Fever in Babies & Kids High Fever Treatment Help app, we have tried compiling complete information on causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment and home remedies for fever in small babies and older children.
Take your baby to the pediatrician if she is less than three months old. Don’t give medicines on your own consult a doctor first. Make your child get plenty of rest. Dress up your child in comfortable clothes. If your child is older than six months than give him proper liquids to maintain his body temperature and to keep him hydrated.
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