Fitness at Home

Fitness at Home


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• Every exercise is explained by Images, Text and VIDEOS!
• Most effective workouts if you are short in time! Anywhere and anytime! Do this at home,
at office, at your hotelroom etc.
• Choose your favorite motivation music. You can choose between three motivational songs
from different genres
• You can do every exercise without equipment. The only thing you need is your bodyweight
and a yoga mat or a towel.
• Reach your goals faster with intervals (HIIT and Tabata). You want to lose some weight for
your next holidays? Then start the fat burning of your body with the 7-Minutes-Training and
the new 4-Minutes-Training (= Tabata). Start today to get your bikini or your beach body in
the fastest time!
• Say goodbye to your back pain: build your body with your own bodyweight are well suited
to prevent back pain. Exercises like the FOREARM PLANK can train your torso, that
means that ONE exercise trains different parts of your body for example your abs and your
back muscles. Do something for your back and your health and begin now to do some
fitness exercises every day.
• Wherever and whenever you want: You can do this app wherever you want – at home, at
your office, hotelroom etc.
• Burn calories and lose weight! "Fitness at Home" helps you to stay fit and get healthy!
• Get your own personal trainer for FREE! The coach gives you the instructions to stay fit!
• Highly suitable for medical rehabilitation after injuries!

Personal Trainer:
– complete personalized/ individualized plan for everyone: MEN and WOMEN!
– With specialized algorithms suitable for both BEGINNERS and ADVANCED users!
– You can only do ONE push-up? No problem! The personal coach improves your
perfomance with pleasant steps.
– You can already do a LOT of push-ups? No problem! Every workout is adapted to your
individual perfomance.

Individual Exercise:
– Train one single exercise. Your current fitness-level is tested by the App instructor.
– Improve your perfomance until you are satisfied with you and your body

7 Minutes Mode:
– Classical 7 Minutes with different levels of difficulty (HIIT = High Intense Intervall
– Special 7 Minutes like Bikini-Special, Butt, Legs, Strength, Endurance...
– Most effective practice if you are short in time! You need NO equipment!

4 Minutes Mode:
– New intervall method called TABATA with a duration of 4-5 minutes!
– Belly, Butt, Legs, Endurance, Plank, Push-Up, Bikini-Special etc.
– Most effective practice if you are short in time! You need NO equipment!

• Fitness at home.
• Most effective workouts if you are short in time! Anywhere and anytime!
• Fitness without equipment: Train with only your own bodyweight – You can do this anywhere and
• Completely individual – suitable for everyone, both beginners and advanced
• Reach your goals faster with HIIT (= High intense intervall training) and the new Tabata-Method
(4 Minutes). Burn calories and lose weight!
• Four different modes: Personal Trainer, Individual Exercise, 7-Minutes-Workout and 4-MinutesWorkout
• No static training plan. You can choose by yourself how often you want to do this to build your
• The app gives you a complete individual plan, which is specially selected for your own
body. This is highly suitable for medical rehabilitation after injuries!
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