Flick Kick Smash!

Flick Kick Smash!


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Destroy all targets.
The operation is easy. Just kick the ball by flicking.
Feels great if you can destroy everything with just one flick.

*** Operating Instructions ***
- You kick the ball by flicking.
- Direction of the ball depends on where you relese your finger. The ball will fly higher if you release your finger at a higher position.
- The Ball curves when you flick the side of the ball, and drives if you flick the top.
- A quick flick gives the ball a power, and flicking slowly makes the ball go slower.

*** Game Description ***
- You go on to next stage once you destroy all of the targets (wooden boxes and glasses).
- The time is unlimited.
- There is a limit to the number of balls.
- Game is over when the ball count reaches zero.
- Additional ball will be given once you complete a level.
- If the number of balls has not decreased after completing a level, score of the next level will be doubled.
- There are boxes which gives you an extra ball.
- There are boxes with higher scores.
- There may be explosive boxes.
- Total number of stages is a secret.

It’s free and simple! Let’s give it a try!

This is Addicting Game like "Smash Hit" or "Can Knockdown".

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