Free 1st grade arithmetic

Free 1st grade arithmetic


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This is a first grade math study support application made by referring to the process of MEXT.

It is an application for elementary school students, so operation is very simple.
Because you can practice every detail of learning contents, you can easily study some movement and waiting time.
It is recommended to those who want to concentrate on learning weak parts even if you want to study in order from the beginning because it is possible to learn the concept of nature and mathematics by repeating practice. Please take a look.

- Contents -
Number rule, number of additions, number of additions and additions 1-1 Addition 1-2 Addition of subtraction 1-1 Addition of subtraction 1-2,20 Number of clock exercises Calculations up to a greater number 100

Each exercise has its own set of difficulty levels and can be stepped up to suit your child's progress.

※ You can study monthly according to class progress. Month mark is standard of standard class progress nationwide only.
Please understand that it may not be the same as the monthly view depending on how the class is conducted or the textbooks you use.
Mathematics textbooks used in elementary schools are more than 10 types, so thank you for your understanding.

Those who are struggling with elementary school math problems should definitely take a look.
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