(FREE) Pink Furry Monster Keyboard Theme

(FREE) Pink Furry Monster Keyboard Theme


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It's pink. It's furry. Oh, no! It's a pink furry monster!! Isn't it the cutest?

❤ Matching Launcher ~ Pink Furry Monster Launcher Theme / http://bit.ly/2ugTpcw

The Pink Furry Monster Keyboard Theme is a free pink theme that will make your device's keyboard fun and maybe even a little scary. Get in the Halloween spooky spirit with this pink and furry theme. The pink furry monster theme wallpaper is one of a kind with it's hand crafted monster eyes made with white feathers, pink feathers, white bow and even little diamond hearts. Diamonds dazzle the wallpaper of this fur keyboard. Each black icon shines on keys. A custom font was selected to match this pink monster keyboard.

If you like monster keyboards, you’ll love this! Download the Pink Furry Monster Keyboard Theme and add of bit of spooky spirit to your device. Halloween doesn't have to be just once a year! ❤

Features for Pink Furry Monster Keyboard Theme:

★ Unique monster eyes made with white feathers, pink feathers, white bow and even little diamond hearts creates a beautiful wallpaper for this keyboard
★ The glitter accents take you away to Paris featuring the Eiffel Tower, a bike carrying balloons and a hot air balloon
★ Custom black icons shine on the keys
★ Custom shiny black icons for the setting, themes and emoji
★ Custom font hand picked to match this monster keyboard
★ Pink Furry Monster Keyboard Theme will personalize your android phone
★ Matching pink monster themes coming soon

Panda Keyboard features:
✪ Gesture input makes typing fast and fun with a slide of your finger
✪ Voice typing with accurate word suggestions
✪ Smart Prediction: Panda Keyboard will learn your way of writing including words, phrase and favorite expressions
✪ Automatic Correction: Provides word completion, ext-word prediction and suggestions for mistyped words
✪ Multilingual Typing: Supports over 120 languages
✪ Emojis: A large emoji selection to express yourself when words are just not enough
✪ Compatibility: Panda Keyboard is compatible with most Android phone, along with many popular apps

This spooky monster keyboard is filled with pink fur, diamonds and a cute white bow. Each icon was carefully selected to match the pink monster keyboard to create a cute look while still be easy to use.

Please read before installing. This Pink Furry Monster Keyboard Theme requires a separate keyboard app to apply. Please install and follow the simple instructions. This theme is not supported by other keyboards app.

Have a suggestion for a pink Halloween theme? Feel free to email us!
Thank you for your support ❤
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