Frontline Gunner Commando Battle: Free Action Game

Frontline Gunner Commando Battle: Free Action Game


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In Frontline Gunner Commando Battle: Free Action Game, terrorist have invaded your mother land with dangerous weapons. The villains have breached the frontier and terrorizing the innocent civilians in small city. Use battlefield strategies as trained army gunner to face challenging missions. Exhibit your gun shooting skills as an elite shooter and marksman in modern combat gameplay.

Saving fellow countrymen from mass destruction is in your hands. Play as amazing frontline gunner commando to destroy enemy fighter jets with antiaircraft guns. Mutant villains are attacking war zone along with commando soldier, armored tanks and gunship helicopters. Modern combat has started and strike back the enemy troops with lethal commando force. Demonstrate your crazy machine gun shooting skills. Battle your way into the heart of enemy territory! Run through the battlefield dodging mines and leaping barriers as you move to the next cover point to avoid enemy fire. Emerge from destructible cover points to engage waves of rival enemies! Fight like a real call of super hero squad to prove your shooting skills & fight with the enemies bravely to kill them. In this commando shooting game, players have to kill mafia terrorists before they noticed your presence in the frontline battlefield area.

Play as the best well-trained modern 3d sniper fury of special war weapons and nuclear bomber squad. The marksman sniper rifles, machine gunner, air attack gun, grenade launcher and silencer gun and other deadly shooting weapons as you are the mighty terminator genesis human commander. You will have to navigate secret sniper missions to eliminate mafia terrorists from your country. Use your dangerous weapons & fight off rival enemies on war zone. Become a frontline gunner commando and complete the challenging sniper missions. Be careful! Mafia terrorists are everywhere on the gunner’s battlefield. Run a spy operation. They are in shape of a commando soldier, on tanks & even helicopters. You are the frontline gunner commando, use the Gatling guns, antiaircraft guns and many more from the huge variety. Prepare yourself for some non-stop action in shooting simulator game. Challenging missions in this game are saving hundreds of hostages from mafia terrorist villains.

Features include:

• First person shooting game
• Exceptionally amazing 3D graphics and environment
• 5 levels and all distance based missions
• Enemies in different forms as commando soldier, in iron tanks and gunship helicopters
• 2 modes; pedestrian and on machine gun vehicle
• Non-stop action simulator game

Download Frontline Gunner Commando Battle: Free Action Game, destroy terrorist criminals, save your motherland and show off your gun shooting skills. Complete thrilling missions, conduct spy operations and kill all the brutal villains. Enjoy the non-stop action. Destroy their commando soldier, lethal tanks & furious helicopters. Walk and hit the terrorist criminals or use a machine gun car.
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