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Laughter videos is a compilation of the best laughter videos that circulate on the net. If you like humor videos, or you want to laugh a while with laugh videos this is your application, with her you can see the most fun videos on your mobile totally free, and keep up with the treding topic of humor videos already Which are updated periodically.

You will find laughter videos to share by whatsapp for free. You can share any humor video, laugh babies, pranks, jokes, laugh videos, fails, birthday videos, funny videos ...

You will also find:
- Fun monologues
- Funny videos of babies doing pranks
- The best jokes
- Funny videos of dogs or other animals like horses, monkeys, bulls ...
- Videos of cat laughter, where you will see lots of felines doing theirs or playing with the little ones.
- The best jokes among friends
- Collection of fun viral videos that circulate on the network. Along with the best laugh videos of 2016 and 2015.
- Fails in sport, football, basketball, tennis ...
- Laughter with the failures of singers and the fail of soccer. The best mood of fear and scares. Jokes for halloween and scary costumes !!!
-Virus Internet videos;

The application has the following characteristics:
- The content is updated periodically, do not worry when you have seen all the videos of laughter, as they will soon be added more.
- You can give us feedback of the application, we examine all the suggestions and recommend some funny videos
- You will find the best laugh videos to share by whatsapp, facebook, twiter ...
- The application is free and you will not have to pay anything for it. You also will not have to register, if you like to leave us a valuation, that encourages us to continue developing for free.
- You can share any funny video or the complete application by social networks
- The application registers your videos seen and you mark those that have been updated since your last access, this way you can always know which ones you have yet to see
- Update with the most viewed videos of social networks and shared by whatsapp
- Most Shared and Most Viewed Laughing Videos
- For android 3.4+
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