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G'MIX App is a music app that provides three powerful functions: a PLAYER MODE for intuitive control over equalizer and live aspect settings, a SEARCH MODE* for quick and easy lookup of the title of a song playing in your background, and a SOUNDER MODE, which lets you assign sounds to six buttons and play them with a touch.
If your phone is linked with a CASIO G-SHOCK GBA-400, you can also control operations remotely from the watch.

* SEARCH MODE is supported only when the phone is linked with a CASIO G-SHOCK GBA-400.

① PLAYER MODE (Music Player)
 In addition to sound quality (equalizer) and sound field (reverb) settings, this multi-functional music also provides you with a variety of different music enjoyment features such as A-B repeat.

② SEARCH MODE (Song Title Search)
This feature lets you easily look up the title of a sound that is playing in your vicinity.
*SEARCH MODE uses SoundHound Inc. technology.

③ SOUNDER MODE (Sounder)
 This mode can be used to assign built-in sounds or sounds provided by you to six buttons of the app display and play any one of them by tapping the corresponding button.

④ G-SHOCK Linking
Linking with a CASIO G-SHOCK GBA-400 watch lets you remotely control your phone from the watch, to display the title of the song being played on your phone, and more.
For details, visit http://world.g-shock.com/ble/.

Supported Formats: AAC、MP3、WAV、FLAC
Playback of copyright protected files is not supported.
Playback of files not downloaded to the terminal is not supported.

G’MIX App can be downloaded using a terminal running Android OS 4.3 or higher.
Operation has been confirmed on the phones below, and use of these phone models is recommended. Note that operation is not guaranteed on any phone not included below. More phone models will be added as soon as operation is confirmed.

Even if operation with a specific phone model has been confirmed, a phone software update, an Android OS update, or other factors may result in improper display indications and/or operation. News about the causes of incompatibility and other operational problems will be made available on the CASIO website.

Confirmed Terminals
GALAXY S4 (Android 4.3 to 4.4)
GALAXY S5 (Android 4.4)
GALAXY Note3 (Android 4.3 to 4.4)
GALAXY S6 (Android 6.0)
GALAXY S6 edge (Android 6.0)
GALAXY S6 edge+ (Android 6.0)
GALAXY NOTE5 (Android 6.0)
GALAXY S7 (Android 6.0)
GALAXY S7 edge (Android 6.0)

Supported G-SHOCK Models: GBA-400
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