Geeta Ke Anmol Vachan

Geeta Ke Anmol Vachan


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In this application Lord Krishna is trying to give key message to humans.
Some of the key messages from the “Bhagavad Gita” have been covered in this application.
Also this application contain Bhagvat Geeta ke anmol vachan, Geeta Saar in Hindi.
Through this application Share all of thoughts with all social media apps like such as Facebook , whatsapp, Instagram , Twitter , email , gmail and etc.
user friendly interface, Best and smooth design so you can read without any problem, Offline App so does not require internet connection.
No special permission required to run this app.

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This Application covered lots of
-Krishna Niti
-Krishna Thoughts
-Krishna Vachan
-Krishna rules
-Krishna Stories
-Krishna quotes
-Krishna Vicahr
-Krishna Leela
-Krishna Updesh
-Krishna Mantra
-Krishna Suggestions in Hindi
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