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Giftalicious Gift List+Photos


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Track your gift-giving ideas with photos!:
* Christmas gifts,
* Birthday gifts,
* Anniversary gifts,
* New Year gifts,
* Graduation gifts,
* Engagement gifts,
* Wedding gifts,
* Any gift ideas.
And see exactly what gifts you have given to people in the past! Including photos of what you gave them!

Store Ideas:
As you are walking through a store, and you see something you think you might give to someone, add a new entry into this app with photos of the gift idea, and write a brief description of it, and record who you think it might for. You can also record the price and store details.

The app will show you how much money you are going to be spending, so you can watch your budget.

You can "archive" your gift-giving ideas, so that you can see what gifts you have given to people in the past.

Keyword Search:
On the home screen, use the search box to search your list of gift ideas by:
* the name of the person you are giving a gift to;
* the gift description;
* the store name;
* the occasion, for example Wedding, Engagement, Graduation, House-warming, Christmas, or Birthday, or Anniversary, or Valentine's Day, or whatever occasion you want.

On the home screen, you can sort your current list of gift ideas by tapping the column headings:
* the date when the gift is for;
* the description of the gift;
* the name of the person you want to give the gift to;
* the price of each gift item;
* the total amount you are going to spend on a certain gift idea.

On the home screen you can long-click on any row to:
* delete a gift idea;
* archive a gift idea;
* flag an item as purchased.

Gift Occasion:
On the gift details screen, you can choose whether it is:
* a Christmas gift
* a Birthday gift
* an Anniversary gift
* a Valentine's Day git
* some other kind of gift.

On the gift details screen, you can record:
* who it is for – the person does not have to be anyone in your Contacts list
* what store you saw the item in
* the price
* how many of them you want to get
* the date of when the gift is for
* whether you have purchased the item yet
* whether you would like to archive the item, so you can see what gifts you have given to people in the past.

Export To Email:
* You can export the details of any gift idea to email.
* Email the gift idea to your partner or a friend to see if they think it is a good idea.
* If your partner or friend works or lives near the store where the gift is located, you could email them to purchase it for you.

Save to PDF Printable Document:
* You can save the details of any gift idea to a PDF printable document file.
* If your device has a connection to a printer you can then print off the PDF document about the gift idea.

Move to SD Card:
* You can locate the app and its data on your SD card if you want.

Peace of Mind:
Take the worry out of giving gifts to colleagues, friends, family and team-mates! You can easily find out "What did I give this person last year?"

Past Gifts:
You can also add past gifts into the app, so if you can remember what you gave someone last Christmas, you can add it into the app as an "archived" idea so that you have a history of what you have given the person.

The Concept Of This App:
This app can also be thought of as a:
* Christmas gift organizer with photos of the presents
* Christmas gifts history
* Christmas budget tracker
* Birthday gift organizer
* Birthday presents history
* Anniversary gift organizer
* Valentine's Day gift organizer


You can record your first 20 gift ideas for free.

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This product is Made in Australia.
Copyright (c) 2015 Droid Journey.
This is the property of Droid Journey and the source code and decompiled
code may not be copied or used in any way. The software is distributed
either express or implied.
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