GPS Map - Camera & Compass

GPS Map - Camera & Compass


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--> Are you Tired of not getting Exact Location to Reach your destination So, You want to send your location Image by the camera preview which shows the Google Maps with Compass , address, time and date as the Image?

Congrats..We have an App for you which is named as "GPS Maps-Camera & Compass".

--> When you take a photo, this app will paste Google Maps with Compass , address, time and dates into the Image.

--> GPS Latitude & Longitude information can also be included.

--> This application makes it easy to get / set GPS positioning and GPS coordinated GPS tag requests.

FEATURES OF GPS Maps-Camera & Compass:

--> When the camera starts, the camera preview shows Compaas view of map & address with Date and time.

--> This app also display latitude and langitude of your location.

--> You can check the position / Coordination before the Camera is shot.

--> You Can Use Both Front And Back Camera & You Can Set Flash For Camera.

--> If you want to Change the Map type, you can also manually set the Type of Map in Settings Option.

--> If You want to see Normal Map you can check Normal Map.

--> If You want to see Hybrid Map you can check Hybrid Map.

--> If You want to see Satellite Map you can check Satellite Map.

--> If You want to see Terrain Map you can check Terrain Map.

--> You Can Manually Set The Color for Date & Time.

--> You Can Manually Set Color For Latitude & Longitude.

--> You Can Manually Set Color For Address Text.

--> You Can Manually Set Color For Compass Heading.

--> You Can Manually Set Color For Compass Image.

--> camera focus and zoom during preview operation.

Focus: Touch the screen with one finger.


- Shows True North

- Shows True SOUTH

- Shows True EAST

- Shows True WEST

- Shows latitude longitude

- Shows Altitude Speed

- Show Device Slope Angle

- Connects To Google Map

--> This application is very easy to use.

--> You Can Customize this App as you like.

--> It helps you to share your Location with GPS Maps-Camera & Compass.

--> It helps you to See your Location History with GPS Maps-Camera & Compass in History Screen.

--> You can Share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp, Instagram… with your friends.

Download and Enjoy the GPS Maps-Camera & Compass!!

GPS Maps-Camera & Compass available for free in Google Play Store.

Hope this app is helpful for you.
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