Greenlight Dash Cam

Greenlight Dash Cam


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Video and Telematics on your phone.

Greenlight uses your Android phone as a dash camera and telematics capture device.

Greenlight records the road in front of you using a secure loop recording system. When running, the app is always recording. However, video is not saved until an incident is detected. This minimizes the use of space on your phone while providing a record of the road in front of you. Use Greenlight to capture incidents on the road such as accidents, unsafe drivers, and potential insurance fraud.

Greenlight also captures your driving data. This data is used to determine if there has been an incident, so your video can be saved automatically. You can also use Greenlight data to help you understand your driving habits, lower your risk on the road, and improve the way you drive.

Fleet drivers can save on insurance premiums by using Greenlight. If you are a fleet driver please visit our fleet website and request information about a fleet quotation.

The Greenlight app can run without any additional hardware but is optimized for use with the Greenlight SmartCradle.

Simply install the SmartCradle and the Greenlight app will pair with it to provide a simple way to record and save the moments on the road that matter.

⁃ Quick launch notifications
⁃ Loop video recording
⁃ Automatic and manual incident detection
⁃ Driving data collection
⁃ Local and Cloud video storage
⁃ Insurance discounts for commercial fleets
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