Greeting Card Ideas

Greeting Card Ideas


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Store-bought greeting cards, while nice, can often be rather impersonal. Give your greeting cards a truly personal touch by making them yourself! Friends and family will love receiving your unique designs in the mail, and it will take you less time than you think.

Planning Your Greeting Card
Fold a piece of paper in half. The best kind of paper to use for card making is A5 cardstock paper. A5 is a medium-sized cardstock that is sturdy but folds easily. A4 cardstock is also used in card making. You can purchase cardstock at your local craft store.

You can also use any kind of paper that you have lying around the house. Card making is a great way to use scrap paper that you otherwise might throw out. If you have a large, oddly shaped piece of scrap paper, cut it into a rectangle. Fold it in half like you would any other piece of paper.

Decide on a feature for the card. This can be a picture, drawing, sticker, fancy lettering, or even a small, thin object. You could also add a photograph if it would have a special significance for the recipient. Get creative--use glitter, pipe cleaners, or anything else you have lying around the house to make your card special.
Keep in mind the person you will be giving the card to and the occasion for giving the card. Are you giving your grandma a card for Christmas? Perhaps cutting out a paper Christmas tree to glue to the front of the card would be nice.

Plan a design around your chosen feature. There are many ways to do this. Layer a few pieces of colored paper, each smaller than the last, underneath the feature.
You can also draw designs around your feature or use a ruler to create borders around your feature using brightly colored pens.

Lay pipe cleaners along the edge of your card to create 3D borders.
Decide whether you would like a greeting on the front of your card. You can purchase stickers with greetings on them, or you can hand-write the greeting. Do not add the greeting until you have glued everything down.

Making Your Greeting Card
Put your design together. Once you have everything laid out on the card, take everything off the card but be mindful of where everything should be glued down. A trick to help you remember the different layers is to lay everything out from bottom layer to top layer on a table. That way you won’t get confused when gluing everything down.

Write your greeting on the front of the card. This is optional. Write the greeting once you have glued everything down. If you have a sticker with a greeting on it, place it where you decided it should go when planning the card.
Write your message inside the card. It can be as simple as ‘Hope you’re doing well!’ Or as detailed as a full length letter.

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