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Group Call


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Group call app acts as a hands-free tool when you need to make consequent calls to a list of people.

It is actually the power of a Call Centre Technology brought into your device to be able to call lists of people without bothering to pull them out of your contacts list each time and getting distracted and losing the plot on your main task at hand of calling.

At times you have to call more than 3 people in a row you know that you need to hit contacts app each time searching for them. With this app you can simply add them all in a list and just click "Call" once and then watch the app do the rest for you, while you keep talking.

Here's HOW In JUST 3 Steps You can Get Started:

Step 1: Create a new list.
Step 2: Add the people from your contact list & Save the List.
Step 3: Open the list and click CALL.

That's How SIMPLE it is!

The app then starts calling one contact after the other without your intervention.

Birthday parties, Event Invites, Marriage invitations, Daily calls to your teams, Follow up calls to clients, Client relation calls, Monthly call to all your friends, or Just anything about a group - Make a list and never bother yourself again when it comes to calling them in a sequence. One button and you just need to go on TALKING!

'Pause', 'Resume', 'Shuffle' and 'Stop' are some of the options you can use. You can call from a contact in between the list and add new contacts in between as well.

Bottom Line is here:
"Keep the MAIN THING the MAIN THING!", YOU TALK & this app will it dial it all for you.

It solved our lives and we hope it will solve yours too! Share it ahead if you love this wonderful simplified solution to the long standing problem of calling long lists of people every single time/day.
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