GuardNet - Client

GuardNet - Client


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GuardNet is a personal safety service built to help people in life-threatening situations.

In the event of accident, crisis or danger, simply open the GuardNet Client* and press the panic button. Instantly, it will send an emergency alert to the GuardNet control center.

Immediately, all available GuardNet Guards in your region will be notified that you’re in danger and will respond to your alert.

Also, a GuardNet Operator will respond to your alert and guide you and your guard(s) through the crisis.

The operators are your eye in the sky – monitoring your location and the progress of your situation, while providing updates and life-saving instructions as events develop.

During the situation you can send messages and explain your circumstances providing the Guards and the Operator with a clearer view of your predicament.

The GuardNet Client is the app we hope you never have to use but could one day save your life!

*The GuardNet Client does not replace a call to the police, fire dept. or ambulance services, and we highly recommend alerting those emergency services as a first resort.

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