GuardNet - Guard

GuardNet - Guard


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GuardNet is a personal safety service built to help people in life-threatening situations.

Every GuardNet situation is made up of at least 3 elements – a Guard, a Client and an Operator.

The GuardNet Guard is the second half of the GuardNet App duo.

The Guard helps Clients in dangerous real-world situations. The person using the Guard is called upon by alerts sent by the GuardNet Client.

When available, the Guard can choose to help the Client or leave the alert for a different Guard to handle.

A Guard may also call for backup when the situation requires it.

GuardNet Guards can send alerts and initiate incidents, too - in case they end up in a life-threatening situation themselves.

During the situation Guards can send and receive messages to and from the Client, the Operator, and other Guards in the situation.
The GuardNet Operator is the person who guides the Client and the Guard(s) through the situation from a remote real-world control room.

*The GuardNet service does not replace a call to the police, fire dept. or ambulance services, and we highly recommend alerting those emergency services as a first resort.

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