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Many things to do and things to see all around Italy: in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence , Cagliari ecc. On Guide Me Right you can discover authentic and unconventional local experiences in Sardinia, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio ecc. GuideMeRight is the best solution for your personal trip!

Guide Me Right is a community where to find and book new social and cultural experiences with a Local Friend, a local person who shares with you his local knowledge and lifestyle the same way he usually does with a visiting friend.

Get involved with the local's lifestyle, habits and traditions thanks to the companion of a local person. All the Local Friends propose you a list of single local activities that you can do together, such as their hobbies or things to do with a friend who pay them a visit. Choose the local Experience you prefer with the Local Friend, your personal tour guide, you share more interests and hobbies with!

Discover new exciting things to do, live unspotted places and enjoy new interesting activities. If you don’t know what to do in city like Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Cagliari, Sardinia and many more cities, Guide Me Right is the right solution.

Everybody can become a LOCAL FRIEND: people who share with you their local knowledge and lifestyle the same way they usually do with visiting friends. Do you want to become a Local Friend and promote your own local heritage? Subscription are always open! Go to the website and complete the form so as to become a valuable member of out community. You will have the opportunity to meet interesting people (curious and enthusiastic travellers like you are!) and earn some extra money by sharing your way of living your own city and region.

Rather than offering tour guides, GMR focuses on social experiences / tours so as to provide an access point to places, activities and/or environment otherwise inaccessible.
GUESTS, both travellers and local people looking for something cool to do, have the opportunity to have a Local Friend everywhere to guide them around. Unique and authentic experiences all around Italy and, soon, all around Europe!
Are you travelling in Italy from Germany, from United Kingdom, from Spain or from any other country? Well, if you are a curious and enthusiastic explorer you can now meet other people like you and live with them outstanding and unforgettable experiences! Try it now!

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