Guide - Parental Control

Guide - Parental Control


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Guide is the top parental control app when it comes to children's safety on the internet. Get Guide-client for your laptop and ensure children view safe content as they browse the Internet.
Guide automatically blocks adult content, violence and age-restricted content while kids browse on their devices. It also sets safe search and restricted mode on most search engines and movie sites.
What's more, parents get to see what sites their children are visiting and block any suspicious or undesirable content on the fly.
Parents can also block movies, social networks and games as a category using this app and remove blocking when not required. Parents can now be peaceful as they see their children enjoy the internet in a safe and controlled environment.

Guide goes beyond domain blocking by blocking specific content. It automatically scrubs adult / violent videos that appear on Youtube thumbnails. Guides' servers analyze thousands of webpages daily for in-appropriate content. Sites that may be good but contain bad, adult, or risky thumbnails are shown clean without the bad stuff ! Our content analysis uses artificial intelligence to give you the best results.

1. Download this app and create a child profile. This creates an activation code for your child device.
2. Download the guide-client from and install it on your child's computer/laptop.
3. Enter the activation code on your child's computer/laptop to activate safety on the internet.

- Automatically blocks adult, violent and inappropriate content
- Automatically blocks risky and phishing sites
- Automatically sets safe search and restricted mode on google, youtube, etc.
- Automatically blocks adult, violent & inappropriate videos on youtube and other sites.
- Automatically blocks adult-based, risky advertisements from appearing
- Parents can see what sites their kids are viewing.
- Parents can see what videos their kids have viewed on the internet and open up conversations
- Parents can block risky, inappropriate sites from the app in real-time

Guide client for Android will be launching shortly
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