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Gym Mentor provides you various workouts to achieve desired body goals. Ranging from Weight Loss to building Strength, from Bulking to Shredding and from Fitness to Body weight workouts everything is covered by Gym Mentor.

Workouts - Detailed description of workouts with images for the user to understand the proper form of the workout, Number of repetitions for proper muscle breakdown and rest time for muscle relaxation is stated in Gym Mentor.

Nutrition - Nutrition plays an important part in fitness, hence Gym Mentor provides you with diet plans for your desired body goals. Nutritional Plan in Gym Mentor is it's main feature as it lists down nutritional plan for Vegetarians and Non - Vegetarians both. People who consume Supplements or those who don't , Gym Mentor has an appropriate nutritional plan for each one of you. The food items mentioned in the nutritional plan are readily available in the grocery store near you.

Tips and Information - Gym Mentor provides you with tips and information in case of workouts and nutrition which would help you attain the desired body goal. For example a few things listed in the tips and information section of Gym Mentor are time as to when to consume a cheat meal like your favorite pizza or the burger without affecting your goal or the amount of water consumption etc.

All the mentioned Workouts and Nutritional plans in Gym Mentor are tried and tested and upon receiving positive results have been added. Please take in consideration your allergies while following a particular nutritional plan.

Let's get fit by achieving the body goals.
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