Healthy Weight: tracker & BMI

Healthy Weight: tracker & BMI


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Let's make a deal. Every day you make three additional taps to enter your weight. Instead, we will:
• calculate your healthy weight by 10% more accurate than others
• tell you about risks to your health caused by your weight
• help you set a realistic goal
• show you three motivating photos of people truly passionate about fitness

Simple UI
We firmly believe that the app shall complete one task as effective as possible. The app does not monitor hydration, calories or your exercise. Instead, it allows you to enter your weight in just three taps. Later we will add some new features to the app but only the ones that will not complicate its use.

Let's be honest. After all, this is not your first attempt to lose weight. No matter if you succeeded to reach your goal before or not, now you’ve decided to improve your health and get rid of excess kilos. This decision is great but it might be quite difficult to achieve results. You know it and we know it. There is nothing sadder than to look at your weight chart and see no changes for the past month. It’s rather discouraging. So we’ve cancelled the chart.

Focus on the result
Actually, weight loss does not need history. No matter how good you were last week and how many pounds you managed to lose. What is really important how close you will be to your goal tomorrow. Every week, the app shows you a clear and achievable goal to strive. Every day you measure your weight, launch the app and enter your progress. We have made the process as simple and convenient as possible.

If you forgot to enter your weight, just don’t think about it. In this app, you are not able to enter weight for past days. Either you remember about your goal every single day or you fail to reach it.

You know that overweight might worsen your health. We have gathered the necessary information about the six diseases and calculated how much health risks might increase with your weight. This is not the exact figures but they are motivating and a bit scary. Thanks to them, you will know that your goal is not just to lose weight by 10 pounds or get into your favorite jeans but halve the risk of heart failure.

Reliability of the calculations
Healthy weight is calculated based on sex, country of birth and height. In many cases, this result is more accurate than the weight calculated in the standard way using BMI. For different parameters the deviation may be from 1% to 15%. The data are based on statistical studies and can only be considered as an approximate value. If you want to know your exact healthy weight, you should consult a doctor.

Health risk shows how much the risk of disease increases with excess weight. This value is an estimate and is based on statistical research. It does not take into account individual characteristics of your body and may only be used as an initial benchmark. You need to have medical examination, if you want to see exactly what health risks might be caused by overweight.

Please note that we are unable to calculate healthy weight for children and teens under 20, pregnant women and people who regularly experience high physical loads.
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