Heystax -Live Video Speed Date

Heystax -Live Video Speed Date


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Heystax is your go-to wingman for finding friends, baes, beaus, ride-or-dies, peeps, the like-minded, your Ace, your boo, your WHATEVER. Meet. Mingle. Chat. And Score Friends.

Finding someone worth your time isn’t easy. Trust us, we get it! And don’t even get us started on the online dating scene. You waste SO much time swiping and messaging; and after weeks, or months, of the back-and-forth, you FINALLY work up the nerve to meet IRL… at your favorite coffee spot. Within seconds of hanging out face-to-face, you know the person is a huge NOPE. (Cue the escape route. Now you’ll have to find a new coffee spot. This is the 4th one this year.)

Stop wasting your time—and your coffee spots. Skip right to the face-to-face from the comfort of… wherever. (YAY mobile technology! YAY video chat!)

Enter Heystax.

Think of us as the kinda weird, super-smart, hella-loyal friend you’ve had since before you can even remember. The one that knows everybody and is always telling you about a person you NEED to meet. The friend with no fear and no shame who can make anything fun. You know who we’re talking about. Heystax is THAT friend — but in app form.

Here’s how it works:

1. Tag Heystax in. Give Heystax the sign that it’s on. Press and hold anywhere in the app, at any time, and we will hunt for that someone special. All you’ll have to do is breath and get ready to meet someone who could change your life… and maybe check your teeth and hair. (The app can only do so much!)

2. Be yourself. Once a connection is made, just be yourself. You’re maaaarvoulous! We love you! You love you! If they don’t love you, screw them. You’ll never see them again if you don’t want to. They have 60 seconds to catch your eye and impress in a live, face-to-face video chat.

3. Make a choice. Would you talk to them again? If you would, choose “yes”. If they choose “yes” too—it’s a match! Congrats! You can video chat and message them whenever you want to get to know them better. Not feeling them? That’s fine too, Heystax has your back. Choose “no” and we’ll be sure to “let them down easy”.

That’s it. Simple, right?

As you make matches (and reject others), Heystax learns the kind of people you’re into — eventually just serving up the winners, making finding that proverbial needle in a haystack as easy as saying “hey.”

And in case you still aren’t sold, here are a few other Heystax quirks:
• Compatibility Score -- As you talk, Heystax scans the vibe. Are you smiling? Are they smiling? Are they gabbing and you’re rolling your eyes? It takes it all in and makes notes. At the end of the call, Heystax gives you a score of just how into each other you seemed.
• Conversation Starters -- Not sure what you’ll talk about. No worries. Before you go live and your video chat starts, Heystax prompts you with a joke, interesting fact, or question to help break the ice and get the conversation going.
• Achievements -- Sometimes it’s nice to get recognized for things, even if it’s getting rejected.
• Wall of Weird -- A lot of weirdness can happen when meeting new people. Not to mention, the longer you know someone, the more of their (and your) weird comes out. With Heystax, the more you play, the more friends you make, the more weirdness your exposed to. It’s cool though, because it’s your kind of weird.
• Mulligan -- Did you say “yes” but they said “no”? REDO! Spend one of your Heystax hearts to ask for a second chance.
• Hyperspace -- If it’s going REALLY bad and 60 seconds seems way too long, hyperspace. Do the same press and hold move that launched you into a search. Just know that ditching out early is a heartless act, so you’ll lose a heart.
• Face detection -- No face, no video feed. That simple.

Stay current on all things Heystax by following us on social or by visiting heystaxapp.com or krush.com.

Twitter: @heystaxapp
Instagram: @heystaxapp
Facebook: /heystaxapp
Contact: support@heystaxapp.com
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