Hidden Object - Mermaid Saga

Hidden Object - Mermaid Saga


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"Mermaid Saga", an interesting Hidden Object game, will takes you into the world of the mysterious characters Mermaid who are vividly existing. The game with familiar and close images will help the kids play together with learn vocabulary easily and efficiently.

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On 15th birthday with happiness and curiosity, the mermaid princess was allowed to swim to the surface to look at the world above for the first time. From a far distance on a ship, she saw the prince from afar, and then falls in love with him.

Unfortunately, one storm came and make the ship sink, the mermaid saved the prince and bring him to 1 temple. In the midst of coma, he could not see clearly who rescued him. The mermaid was waiting for one other girl find him.

The little mermaid wished an eternal soul and the love of the prince, she came to see the witch, agreed to give up her voice to took the legs with a warning not come back sea forever. In addition, she would only get a soul if she got the kiss of true love and if the prince loved and married her, then a part of his soul would flow into her.

The little mermaid took the pill and saw the prince. He captivated her beauty and charm although she is dumb.

When the prince's father requested him to marry the princess of the neighboring kingdom, the prince told the little mermaid that he would not agree. He also said he loved the girl at the seaside temple that he thought saved him. But the princess turns out to be the girl of the temple, was sent there to study. The prince then loved the neighboring princess and the wedding was celebrated afterwards.

The prince and princess married, the little mermaid's heart shattered before dawn, her sisters bring her a knife that the Sea Witch give them, exchange with their long hair. If the little mermaid stabbed the prince with that knife and his blood running down her leg, she would return to be a mermaid, all the pain she endured will end and she will live for all her life.

The Little Mermaid couldn't kill the prince who was with his bride because he didn't know the truth. When dawn came, she threw herself into the sea. Her body dissolves into foam, but instead of ceased to exist, she feels the warm sunshine; she became a soul, a girl of the air.

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    2017-02-08 12:34:24

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