HiddenTag (히든태그)

HiddenTag (히든태그)


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HiddenTag is a world leading product authenticity verification technology.
Smart hologram sticker HiddenTag has been created through a combination of CK&B company’s propriety anti-counterfeiting technology and digital watermarking technology.
HiddenTag app offers a free, quick and convenient way to check authenticity in real-time via Smartphones. By scanning the HiddenTag smart hologram sticker applied to the product, you can make sure the product is genuine before you proceed with the purchase and enjoy worry-free shopping experience.
Smart innovative security label HiddenTag enables brands to have customized design label on top of carrying out all the advantages of general hologram sticker.
HiddenTag has many advantages over QR code in regards of security, design and utilization, thus it can be used for various purposes.
HiddenTag can verify the original product by detecting the unique Hidden data of the smart sticker.

Protect your brand with HiddenTag product authenticity verification technology.

1. Variety of Usages: Genuine product authentication & registration
- Technology is applied on the sticker and authenticity can be checked by scanning it with HiddenTag app.
- Sticker design can be customized. It is possible to have multi-color sticker artwork with brand logo and name etc.
- By adding holographic technology for anti-counterfeiting, HiddenTag promises maximum security against duplication.

2. Distribution record management service
- Thanks to CK&B Co.Ltd’s leading technologies and know-hows, distribution record management service can be integrated with your existing distribution management system easily.

3. Name Card Service
- Instead of traditional QR codes, you can use your own images for linking your contact information.
- Once your picture is scanned, the contact information can be linked with the smart phone address book automatically.

4. Clock-in, Clock-out service
- Employees can clock in and out by scanning company logo sticker. It provides information such as exact time and location information of scan.

5. Others
- Through smartphone, we connect the physical world with the online world.

HiddenTag C.O.P is a trademark and proprietary technology of CK&B Co. ltd.
For more information please visit www.hiddentag.com
We will strive continuously to provide excellent services for you.

Thank you.
Service Hotline: (82)-070-8257-1414
Email: hiddentag@cknb.co.kr
Business Hours: 9am-18pm (KST) Mon-Fri

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