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Hide Pictures Video Vault


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Trying to hide photos and videos, and lock them in a security place? Worried about security when lost your phone or somebody looked at your photos or videos?

Have you ever been in a situation where people were trying to look at photos and videos that you don't want others to see?
Hide Pictures Video Vault will securely hide these videos and private pics keeping them away from prying eyes, Now you can easily share your phone without worrying about privacy.

Hide Pictures Video Vault can hide its photos and videos and keep your privacy absolutely safe. You can import your private images and videos in this secure vault, and nobody knows the existence of it.
What's more, Hide Pictures Video Vault has the beautiful design and simple to use, it provides you the smooth and amazing media browse experience.

Hide Pictures Video Vault secures personal photos and videos by locking them down with PIN protection, fingerprint authentication.
It’s the best place for hiding personal pictures and videos for keepsafe, you can protect your privacy, secure your photos, and videos.

✓ keep safe, simple and practical photo vault hide pictures!

✓ Hide media files,so that,they wont appear in gallery.

✓ Whenever you wanted your secret hidden files,unhide them from the application

✓ This application is password protected,so no one can access your files unless they know the password

✓ You can open hidden files from the application without unhiding them

✓ Use fingerprint to unlock vault

✓ Eye catching UI to manage hidden files from the application without unhiding them

✓ Multiple Hide and Unhide Option.

✓ Support up to Android 7

✓ No internet connection needed

✓ Hide and secure unlimited photos & videos

Unlike other apps pictures and videos will be hidden, but also encrypted with AES keepsafe. There is no possibility to gain access without the PIN.
Your private photos and videos are safely stored in your private photo vault. This is a powerful photos and videos vault!Try this amazing functional photo locker and hide pictures&videos vaulty so that hide pictures not visible in photo gallery.

----------- Frequently Asked-----------

Question: Will it restore the hidden photos and videos without deleting if i change the phone ? Can we hide and restore the photos and videos?
Answer : If you change phone you need to restore photo and video from application first other you lose it. You can implement cloud backup by your self to restore photo on another device by user unique id and Password.

Question: I try to hide video file on External Memory, the video not hiding. Only work when try to hide video file on internal storage?
Answer : After android 4.4 there no option to remove video after hide from external memory. so user need to remove manually remove from external memory.

Question: It hides the thumbnail, leaves a blank thumbnail, but when I tap on it, it still shows the full picture.
Answer : Because of some limitations we can not delete file from SD CARD user need to delete it manually.
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