High School Story 2 - Love Triangle

High School Story 2 - Love Triangle


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This high school story revolves around a teenage girl ‘Emily’ who has crush on a boy ‘Matt’. To get near her high school love, she joined the high school summer camp where Matt got injured and Emily helped him.

Matt thanked Emily for being so kind to him. During summer camp activities, they got closer to each other and Matt invited Emily for a dinner date which went well.

Now, there comes a high school love triangle as Matt’s childhood friend Anna got transferred to the high school. The new high school girl - Anna is bold and beautiful and Matt is happy to have her at the high school.

What’s New in High School 2 - Love Triangle?

Girls! It’s time to enter the high school love triangle and support Emily. The part 2 brings so much fun, excitement and suspense which collectively making this game more interesting than the previous part.

If you are looking for high school games, congrats! you have spotted the right game. This high school story game is highly addictive due to an inspiring storyline, high-resolution graphics, beautiful scenes, sweet soundtrack and much more.

Interesting Game Features

- Meet your High School Crush Again!
- Wear Stylish Dresses, Get a new Makeover
- Choose your Shoes, Bags & Other Accessories
- Proceed your High School Love Story
- Go For a Lunch with your Crush
- Attend a Prom Night & Arrange a House Party
- Participate in Beauty Pageant Contest
- Get Invited to a Dinner Date

High School Love Story - Part 2

After high school summer camp, Emily who is the high school girl got excited to meet Matt but she saw Matt standing with a strange girl in the locker room. When she walks closer, Matt introduces her with Anna and invites for a lunch.

Afterward, in the high school story, Emily felt jealous as seeing Matt and Anna together. She feels insecure as Anna is getting a high attention of Matt due to her bold personality.

She comes back home upset and thinks whether to text Matt or not as she didn't meet him before leaving the school.

To know what happens next, play High School 2 - Love Triangle game and help Emily to make a right decision in this situation.

How to Download the Game?
For downloading this high school love triangle game, just click on the ‘install’ button. Getting agreed to the terms and conditions, you can play the game free on your Android device.

Whether you search for the high school games or love story games for pre-teens, High School 2 - Love Triangle stands out on the list because of its unique plot and attractive visuals.

Let’s play the High School 2 - Love Triangle now, and help Emily to make a good decision in her high school love life.

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