Hola - Notices and Chats

Hola - Notices and Chats


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Welcome to Hola!. Our Mission is to replace all Notice Boards in Offices, Schools, Colleges, etc. It looks like the popular chat tools. So what does Hola do differently.

Hola enables secure group chats for communities be it colleges, universities, schools, clubs, corporates or any other group.

Hola Chat:

Chat and connect seamlessly with all group members through simple interface of Hola. Share feedback and connect. Share, forward and do everything else that you want your chat engine to do.

Hola Notice:

While all the other popular chat tools suffer from forwards, Hola separates Important Notices from authorised members of the group from generic chat.

Notices are seen in the group so that they can be discussed but all the notices are seen in the notice tab separately. So never miss an important communication from key office bearers ever. It is a virtual notice board that replaces the traditional notice boards.

What is more that members need not be online to receive notices. Each notice is also sent over SMS (in India) and email to the members of the group. All this is done in real time.

Hola Insta Poll:

Hola allows you to conduct Insta-Polls on any topic and get immediate analytics of responses in terms of

1) Respondents
2) %age responses for each option you have given
3) Real time responses

Hola Uploads:

Hola supports all formats of uploads. So share all assignments, presentations, documents and all other files.
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