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Sarah is a beautiful and clean girl who loves arrangement, order and cleanliness so she does all the housework on her own. She arranges the clothes inside the cupboard, puts the toys in her designated places, and does the laundry in the washer. Then she shakes her clothes completely to dry them and takes them and kisses them. Cleaning the house gives family members psychological comfort. It also protects against diseases caused by bacterial and microbial contamination, or difficulty in breathing due to accumulation of dust, and it becomes more difficult With the presence of children, they are constantly messing around the house; the game of cleaning games, girls' games, and house cleaning are some of the important tips:

Cleaning the latrines is one of the most important stages of cleaning the house. It must be done daily or twice a day when the house has one toilet used by a group. It is important to use the sterilizers during cleaning and soap, taking into consideration the use of a wet sponge with disinfectant and soap on the upper limbs. And rub it in the special brush. It is important to add some strong powders inside the toilet for a few minutes every period of time, to prevent the accumulation of calcifications and yellow spots inside. Dust is removed from the furniture, especially the cupboards and mattresses; to prevent the accumulation of dust on them, although the skin should be covered daily, and to remove any stains or traces appear with a wet towel. Arrange sheets and pillows on the beds, and return the objects to their place. Vacuum the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, to remove dust and suspended dirt and prevent dust scattering, preferably before polishing the furniture. Survey the ground with a little water and sterilizer, and increase the importance of this process when there are children in the house, they prefer to love on the ground and pick up things, so the ground must be clean; to protect them from disease. Clean the window glass once a month, preferably removed and cleaned completely at the beginning of the summer, and periodically polishing it with glass. Wash dishes with clear liquid, and add a little sterilizer or lemon to remove unpleasant odors such as the smell of meat, and can use the dishwasher to answer it. Scan the refrigerator and make sure the validity of the vegetables inside, and we hope you will enjoy with this beautiful and wonderful game that has a role in life and is related to children's games and girls games
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