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HomeRepair — calculator of the materials needed to repair the apartment.

Application will help to calculate the amount of materials needed to repair your apartment.

Using this application you can:
• save your time and money;
• quickly calculate the number of required finishing materials.

Everyone had to make repairs in the apartment at least once in their lives. And everyone knows that the calculation of the needed materials is not a simple matter: you need to calculate the area of ​​the room, to find out the size of materials, divide, multiply... As a result, you can make a mistake, especially when you have to count in the store, and buy or insufficient materials, or excessive.

Now you only need to know dimensions of the room — HomeRepair will do all the calculations for you. And all the calculations will take less then one minute! The result can be written in the notebook directly in the program, and you can immediately calculate the cost of materials. This way you can control your budget and would not forget about the materials.

At this point, the application can calculate the number of the following materials:
• Wallpapers;
• Tile flooring;
• Tiles for wall;
• Tiles fo ceiling;
• Tile grout;
• Paint;
• Laminate flooring;
• Parquet;
• Cement screed;
• Plywood;
• Spackling paste;
• Plaster.

For the calculation:
1. Select the desired section;
2. Enter the dimensions of the room (length, width, and if necessary, the height of the walls, the size of windows and doors, additional and excluded surface from the calculations);
3. Enter the dimensions and characteristics of finishing materials. The application will tell you the standard, but you can enter your own (they can be found on the packaging of goods);
4. Press "Calculate" button and you'll get result in one second!

The application calculates the amount of material with a reserve (for example, tiles and laminate flooring) in case of flaws or damage in the renovation process. You can always see the result without reserve by clicking on "* the result with 5 (10)% reserve."

Stay tuned: soon there will be new features!

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