How to make wi-fi Booster

How to make wi-fi Booster


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You have seen the wireless adapter in the store, but the price is more expensive than the money you want to spend. We will show you how to create a WiFi antenna that can be redirected using ready-made items, without new software, and without opening your computer case Get the "dongle" Wireless LAN USB adapter. This little device, the size of your thumb, is used to connect WiFi to your computer. You will need this device even if your computer is integrated with wireless.
To get the best compatibility, get a standard dongle that contains 802.11b and 802.11g.
Check on Google Commerce or Pricewatch to get a cheap price-a simple, fairly effective dongle for close range, cost about $ 15 to $ 20 USD.
Shapes are important. To reduce costs, look for a small thumbs-up device. The larger "flattened mouse" model (priced around Rp.600,000 - Rp.720.000) is generally more sensitive and powerful. Although it may be more difficult to install, this device has better performance in meeting setup requirements.
Buy a passive USB extension cable. You must purchase Type A cable (male) with Type A tip (female). (You can find it in department stores, computer stores in your city, or on Radio Shack). This is used to connect the USB WiFi adapter to the USB port of your computer.
The antenna should be directed, so you should place the antenna in the position of dealing directly with its wireless access point. Make sure your cable is long enough to be placed in the required position, up to a maximum of 5 meters.
You can connect multiple extension cables together if needed.
The active USB extender (cost about $ 10 USD) allows you to stretch the cable further, which can be used to place the elevated antenna outdoors.
Look for closed, linked discs. The easiest to use is an Asian "shovel, but interlocked" cooking utensil used for frying-perfect shape and fitted with a comfortable long wooden handle!
Other options include strainers, steamer, lid pans, and lampshades-provided they are disc-shaped and made of metal. Any parabolic object made of interlocked metal can be used-larger means the signal is better, but harder to move.
Larger options include an unused DirectTV dish or a sealed closed umbrella, and although this will provide a larger signal addition, it is difficult to install and has great wind resistance so the most practical is to make a device about 12 inches in diameter ( 300 mm).
Flexible stem-backed desk lamps can be used for this device to be installed and placed neatly.
Raft the system. Attach the WiFi dongle and USB extension cable to the disc using cable ties, masking tape, or hot liquid glue.
The dongle should be placed at the focal point of the "hot spot" of the disc-the radio signal comes and bounces toward the middle, several fingers above the surface of the disc.
The best dongle location point can be found by doing a simple experiment. One method of directing it is to wrap the dish with aluminum foil and see the reflection of sunlight on the disk-the point that gets the most light is the hot spot of the disk.
You may need a short stick as a support to lift the dongle from the disk surface to this position.
Alternative support methods can be made using ropes tied across the face of the disk such as spider webs, with hollow plastic hose garden fittings, or even chopsticks!
Plug your antenna. Insert the male end of the USB extension cable into your computer, and set the antenna as your WiFi card using your network settings.
Point your dish. Find the remote WiFi transmitter you want to access.
Your WiFi antenna works in a direction, so it's important that you direct it appropriately. Directing the dish to a remote antenna is the best place to start, although the reflections that deviate from the building etc. can sometimes give a good signal from unexpected directions.
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