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Please If you want this app translated to your native human language and get the file "strings.xml" that has the sentences to be translated, you are very welcome and ask for the file thru EMAIL.

This is just a free simple HTML editor with shortcut buttons to type for you some of the tags like:
* Paragraph
* Bold, Underline, Italic
* Image
* Center
* Horizontal row and Line break.
* URL address
* Table, Table Row , and Table Data
* Bullet buttons (

  • )
    * Automatic indentation upon using the shortcut buttons
    It has a built-in web browser as an on-the-fly preview for your HTML file. The preview will change as you type the HTML code. The preview can be hidden for the sake of small displays.
    Most of the shortcut buttons have a dialogue boxes that contain forms that eases typing the attribute names of the selected tag by tying them for you after filling the form of the selected tag.
    You may also simply turn this application as an application to save notes .
    HTML code can be saved to and opened from the external storage ( i.e. your SD card ).
    You may save as much as you want of files
    Starting version 1.4, complete conversion to PDF is available.
    You can also toggle the visibility of both the title/action bar on the top of the app and the tags toolbar to the left to get a wider view. (this requires a phone whose Android version is greater than 3.0 ) .

    Starting version 3.4: You can now embed the HTML code as the formatted contents of an email message.

    Please this is a Free Ad-based application. Since it's free, don't rate it negatively. This application is meant to be yours. So, give us more ideas on how it should evolve.

    Please write the review in either English or Arabic. The computer based translation is weak.

    If you want this app interface translated to your native language, send an email to send you back the strings file.

    WARNING: Please don't open files over 1MB in size using this application on small mobile phones. Mobiles are not dedicated for such purpose.

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