Hydroponics plants

Hydroponics plants


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Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants by using water without the use of soil. Hydroponic water needs at less than the water demand in the cultivation of the soil. Hydroponics uses water more efficiently, so suitable to be applied in the regions with limited water supply. How to grow hydroponics is well suited for application in urban areas or urban area, because many benefits including space-saving and environmentally friendly. Examples of hydroponic plants are very easy for planting by planting hydroponics is a leaf vegetable crops such as cabbage, kale, kailan, celery, basil and so forth. results hydroponic gardening plants generally grow in the same amount of space when compared with the gardens traditional land. Also hydroponic gardens
can be stacked to further improve the efficiency of space. The main benefits to hydroponic gardening is a higher level of oxygen in the root zone when compared with the garden soil.

How hydroponic farming has a variety of techniques from the most simple to the sophisticated, from cheap to expensive. Start using only second-hand goods, as well as modern by using green house and other appropriate technology to support plant growth. As for how to grow hydroponics are as follows:
It is strongly recommended to use hybrid seeds so that the quality of fruit and vegetables produced quite optimal.
Seeding hydroponic systems can use wood or plastic tub.
Preparation of planting medium.
Terms of planting medium for hydroponics is able to absorb and deliver water,
Planting medium that can be used can be peat, coconut fiber, husk fuel.
Making the green house.
Green house can be made of the iron frame, frame bamboo or wooden frame.
fertilization in the form of a solution that is poured into the planting medium fertilizer needs
the hydroponic system together with the need for fertilizer in the planting of conventional systems.
Treatment plant.
Care in the hydroponic system such as pruning, weeding, spraying foliar fertilizer.

Hydroponic planting is simple and fun, in addition to where we can set yourself can every time we gardening and plant control, so
can understand what is required in the treatment of hydroponic plants. on this occasion let's try hydroponic gardening.
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