I play it ? Animal Sounds

I play it ? Animal Sounds


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For some time I have been looking for an application that allowed me to mix entertainment and learning for my little boy Luca, two years old. So I made this little, but efficient, application based on a topic any kids would care of: animals.

Surprisingly it is appraciated by severals adults, even because of different funny integrations. in fact, simply pressing an animal icon, is possible to send the animal sound through Email, WhatsApp ect..., or even costumise your ringtones.

To make more educational this application, the animals have been devided according to their clade: at the moment there are only the mammals, prehistorical animals, invertebrates and birds sounds, but as soon as possible every typology, in addition to become fuller, will be updated with amhibians and reptiles.

Carlo Siciliano

Animals Contained:

- Mammals -
Moose, Donkey, Whale, Camel, Dog, Horse, Rabbit, Dolphin, Elephant,
Foca, Cat, Gorilla, Hyena, Koala, Lion, Wolf, Pig, Cow, Orangutan, Orca, Bear, Panda, Pantera, Sheep, Rhinoceros, Monkey, Tiger, Mouse, Fox, Zebra;

- Birds -
Tawny Owl, Skylark, Duck, Eagle, Owl, Canary Cesena, Crow, Swan, Owl, Pheasant, Chaffinch, Seagull, Hen, Rooster, Eagle Owl, Dead Ringers, Merlo, Parrot, Peacock, Robin, Pigeon, Penguin, Quail, Swallow , Ostrich, Bottaccio Thrush, Hoopoe, Nightingale.

- Prehistoric -
Brachiosaurus, Stiracosauro, Tyrannosaurus, Velocipador.

- Invertebrates -
Ape, Cockroach, Grasshopper, Cicada, Cricket, Moscow, Mosquito.

- Reptiles -
Crocodiles, Gecko, Python, Rattlesnake, Turtle.

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