Indonesia Calendar 2016 - 2100

Indonesia Calendar 2016 - 2100


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Inochi Calendar Indonesia (iKalenesia) is the only one calendar of Gregorian, Hijr, Java, and Sunda in one application, applicable in Indonesia from 1900 to infinity, with accompanying information about national holidays and leave (forecasts) and with a variety kinds of features are available.

1. Calendar: Displays the Gregorian, Hijr, Java, Sunda Candra (Moon), and Sunda Surya (the Sun). You can easily go to the calendar in a particular month and year by selecting the month and year on combo available. You can see the information of a date, which contains:
a. Monthly holidays for months from the date of the applicable
b. Timetable pray time for the applicable date
b. Gregorian calendar: Date, week of the month, week of the year, Important Day, Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac
c. Islamic calendar: Date, Day of Islamic, including fasting of Sunnah
d. Java Calendar: Date, Java Day, Wuku, Neptu, Pranoto Mongso, Year, Windu, and Lambang
e. Sunda Calendar: Date (in Candra and Surya), Sunda Day, Wuku, Year, and Windu
f. Information Death Day (Tahlilan): Geblag, Nelung Dina, Dina Mitung, Matangpuluh Dina, Dina Nyatus, Mendhak Sepisan, Mendak Pindho, and Nyewu Dina.

2. Holidays: Displays a list of public holidays and leave (forecast) a full year. Determination of the holiday using the calculation (computation) so you can see the list of holidays in any year.

3. Day Important: displays a list of the essential (the dates are commemorated) applicable in Indonesia for one full year.

4. Pray Times: displays a month-long schedule of pray times InshAllah more accurate. iKalenesia will also remind you before entering the times of pray, the azan when entering the pray time, and alert you when the pray time has passed.

5. Agenda: Registration of your daily agenda, and will remind you before and when entering time implementation of the agenda.

6. Exchange: displays information exchange rate of foreign currencies against the Rupiah, with the reference of the four leading banks (Bank, Mandiri, BCA and BNI).

7. Qibla: determining the qibla direction InshAllah more accurate because the supplied magnetic declination settings.

8. Notes: make a note in plain text format and lists.

9. Tools, iKalenesia provide equipment associated with the calendar, including:
a. Conversion Date: convert dates to and from the Gregorian/Hijr/Java/Sunda, while displaying daily information from that date
b. Date Calculator: calculates the span of two dates
c. Search Holidays: look for the date of a holiday in a given year.

10. Map: look for nearby facilities, such as mosques, churches, schools, universities, malls, doctors, banks, and so on.

11. Settings: make settings to change the theme color applications, especially applications with 14 color theme options.

12. Widget: a widget that displays four easily changed color, including:
a. Inochi Calendar Monthly (large): displays a monthly calendar with dates include Gregorian, Hijr, Java, and Sunda (depending on choice of calendars)
b. Monthly Calendar Inochi (small): displays a monthly calendar with the date of Gregorian/Hijr/Java/Sunda only (depending on choice of calendars)
c. Inochi Daily Calendar: display a calendar day in Gregorian/Hijr/Java/Sunda (depending on choice of calendars)
d. Inochi Imsakiyah: displays the schedule of prayer today.

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