Insomnia Sleep Apnea-Treatment

Insomnia Sleep Apnea-Treatment


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Unique application using ethnic music, binaural beats & noise technology to HEAL your INSOMNIA, SLEEP DISORDERS, SLEEP APNEA for FREE!

This insomnia treatment, sleep disorders treatment & sleep apnea treatment basically has purposes to relieve your stress using music technology.

Those 3 different music compiled into 1 single music, as a non-streaming version. So you don't have to worry about your internet bill. Since binaural beats use different frequencies for both right and left side of your ears, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO USE YOUR EARPHONE to experience and get optimum results to heal your insomnia, sleep disorders, sleep apnea, and others

For optimum results, try to listen 2 - 3 times before you're taking your sleep, either nap or night sleep.

Some of the cases can immediately feel the effect, but the others need more time. Please, forget any burden in your life, just give your self a place, a time in your private moment and enjoy the music.

Beside that, you need to understand that not everybody is the same, so there're different problem to solve in your mental block to get rid of your insomnia or sleep apnea or sleep disorders.

You will find IMPORTANT TIPS how to deal with your INSOMNIA, SLEEP APNEA, SLEEP DISORDERS like the effect of caffeine, etc.

WARNING : * JUST LISTEN in your sanctuary place, bedroom, or any but NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING, OPERATING EQUIPMENT, or ANY TASK that requires concentration. * DO NOT LISTEN to Binaural Beats if you have experienced SEIZURED IN THE PAST or HAVE EPILEPSY. ** THOSE with HEARD DISODERS or TAKING MOOD-ALTERING PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS should consult a doctor before trying.

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