Insta-Bail Posting Agent

Insta-Bail Posting Agent


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Insta-Bail Software Solutions provides Bail Companies and Sureties with its patented Technology to create more efficient ways to manage your bail bonds business and employees. With our webpage and integrated mobile applications a bail company can
Enter a defendant’s information, dispatch employees to post bail, track the employee using GPS coordinates and receive a completion notification of the completed bail post.

Within the completion notification and email you will find the power serial number, amount received, pictures of the defendant, pictures of the cosigner, a PDF of the power which was used, face sheets from the jail, summons and warrants, defendant and cosigner applications plus any other item you wish for your post agent to add when they complete the underwriting of this bail. This is instant reporting. All of your sub-agents and posting agents report their POWER used and AMOUNT they received. Receive the full file within seconds of writing the bail.

Additional features include
TRANSFER BONDS – Ask companies in other states to post for you
REFER BAIL – Send or receive bail referrals
BLACKLIST – “First Ever” Nationwide Blacklist for Forfeitures
BAD DEBT – “First Ever” Nationwide List of Bad Debt
FUGITIVE RECOVERY – Request Recovery Service in any State.

With Insta-Bail Software and Mobile Applications, you can run your office from anywhere in the world.
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