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Intent Radio (or IR) is an audio media app without a graphical user interface. It is controlled exclusively through the delivery of broadcast intents, typically generated by automation apps such as Tasker. If you don’t know what a broadcast intent is, then this is probably not the app for you.

Despite the name, IR will happily play local audio media too.


It’s simple: automation.

Tasker is an automation app for Android. It’s a small graphical programming language combined with a mechanism to fire off tasks in response to various events.

IR was written primarily to be driven by Tasker, either via task shortcuts, or in response to events such as a headset plugged in or out. Or perhaps based on the type of network to which you’re attached. Or the network’s SSID . Or the time of day. Or the day of the week. Or some combination of the above. Or whatever…

And it goes on...

Automatically change station at a particular time. Or turn off (or on) at a particular time. Or listen to different stations depending on where you are. Or use AutoVoice to choose a radio station. Or choose a random station from a playlist. And so on.

Put another way, Intent Radio provides external access to an instance of the Android MediaPlayer.

For more details, see the project web page:

Please report issues on GitHub:

If you have a previous version of Intent Radio installed, perhaps installed from F-Droid, then you will have to uninstall that version before installing this version. Or, you can always just stick with that version. They're the same thing.
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    2017-02-04 08:34:25

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    Stephen Blott

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    Android 2.3+

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    Music & Audio

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