Ionic Baby Feeding

Ionic Baby Feeding


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Ionic Baby Feeding tracks breast feeding and bottle feedings in style. It emphasises what's important - which breast is next in turn, time since last feeding and duration/volume of current feeding.

Syncs all your devices. Use Ionic Baby Feeding on your phone, your tablet, your partner's phone or any Android device. They all sync. There is a web-version for Chrome/Safari browser, so you run it on your computer or iphone. Visit the webpage for more information.

No fees, no ads, no accounts, no email checks, no bloat, no nothing. It's a baby feeding app. Why would we need to know your shoe-size or who your pal Charlene's hanging out with?


.. right.. That about covers it, yes? Phew. It's hard working condensing and simplifying. We had gazillion ideas for this little breastfeeding app, but it's so easy to end up with something big and complicated and ultimately unusable. We didn't want that. Never really liked that sort of thing. It's about monitoring breastmilk / milk intake. Not brain surgery.

Both me and my wife(*) are simple folk(**). We like our apps as minimal and out of the way as possible. Cut to the chase. We're "cognitive load reduction enthusiasts" as we put it(***). That's why we skipped all forms of registration. I hate it when I find an app that seems just right only to find out it's choke-full of functions that I'll never use and has ads taking up half the screen and requires me to log in via facebook and allow the app the view my friends, send messages and downrate my images. It's like "Whaat? I donno if I wanna to take a picture of my hand that kinda looks like an x-ray that badly."

But I digress. It's late. I should probably go to bed. Hope you like the app. It's a glorified nursing clock, but it's made our breastfeeding and bottle feeding a much better experience. Have a good night,

Urban & Bettan

(*) She's a UX designer and has done all the graphics and layout.
(**) Note. Exaggeration. We have electricity and we're not afraid to use it.
(***) It's a great phrase btw, be sure to use it when you want to impress people. People, especially employers, like it when you get all educated on them.

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