Island Sailing 2

Island Sailing 2


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*** This app replaces the previous version of "Island Sailing" ***

A simple sailing simulation. It allows the player to experience basic sailing boat navigation with different winds in various terrains. The gameplay is rather difficult, but quite realistic.
The game is the first app to use the "gEngine", my own openGL2.0 game library.
The app requires a state of the art smartphone or tablet.
Please note that the game and the engine are beta and might not run stable or at all on your device.

/** Version History (Island Sailing 2) **/
2.0.00: Implemented new setting to lock camera on boat direction.

/** Version History (Island Sailing) **/
1.1.04: Updates for compatibility with high-end devices
1.1.03: Introduce bump maps for water surface instead of normal maps.
1.1.02: Improved virgin island level.
1.1.01: Added trainer mode / autopilot; added pack ice level
1.1.0: Improved boat 3d model, save score and settings
1.09b: Zoomable maps & lake Lucerne level
1.09a: Introduction of the map feature.
1.08: Render quality settings can now be specified by the user.
1.07: Improved tangent space calculation, resized all textures to POT, changed some level designs.
1.06: Added clouds to some levels, improved Virgin Islands course.
1.05: Attempt to resolve Galaxy Nexus EGL Problems by setting stencil buffer bits to 0.
1.04: Fixes the mess I made with version 1.03
1.03: Improved the tutorial.
1.02: Font texture atlas was deleted at runtime.
1.01: Initial Version

/** Known Bugs **/
1. The camera lock causes updates in the view matrix, which can occur during rendering. This will cause flickers.
2. If the view orientation changes while text is displayed, then the text is lost.
3. Symbols are not cropped to the map.

/** Background information **/
About the developer: Based in Aarau, Switzerland, working on games in my free time. Feel free to drop your comments below or contact me via email:
The game graphics: Uses openGL ES 2.0, without any native interfaces.
The game idea: It's basically a test run for the gEngine.
It's free because I didn't know whether the gEngine would work on a broad range of embedded devices and didn't want to take money for a product that mightn't work.

"Island Sailing" vs "Island Sailing 2" - a lesson learned about storage of private keys.
I have formatted the hard drive where I kept my private keystore file, without which it is impossible to issue updates for a previously released app. There still was some interest in the game and requests for further development, hence the 'necessity' to release this new version.
...and this time I made backup copies of the keystore file!

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    2017-02-06 06:34:35

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    The GINI the M

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    Android 2.3+

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