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IziOzi is a new, fantastic aumentative and alternative communication AAC application. But it si much more: it is FREE and OPEN SOURCE!

Transform your Android device into a speaking communication table! You'll have a free and customisable audio book always at you hand!

IziOzi is a free app that aims to help people with physical or mental disabilities in interacting with the world.
It uses a communication table and the Android embedded speech synthetizer to speak on the user's behalf, simplifying and giving a better life quality to people with difficulties in interacting with the world.

-Fully customizable
-It uses the embedded speech synthetizer
-Database with more than 8000 pictograms
-Pictograms downloaded as soon as needed. No images overhead.
-It doesn't need any data connection after it has been configured.
-In continuous development
-Possibility to contact us for dedicated solutions

Coming soon features:
-Scanning interface
-Chromecast integration
-Eye blink detection
-Eye tracking
-Multi paging, to store and use multiple communication tables
-Custom actions such as phone calls, sms, or any other

Be sure to download the android speech synthetizer before you can use the app!

The future of this app depends on you! Let us know what do you need, we'll do our best to help you!


IziOzi was created with the intent of giving a tool to facilitate the communication to people with difficulties in verbal and written communication. Taking advantage of the new technology, it is possible to provide real assistance to those with barriers to communicate and interact with what is around him.


IziOzi is a new application for Android devices for augmentative and alternative communication. It is aimed at all those people who have difficulties in verbal and written communication and therefore need support for interaction with the surrounding world.

IziOzi is simple and intuitive: the interface with the user is constituted by a table of communication that uses a voice synthesizer. Many legends are made ​​available, easy to find and insert into the table. In addition, the set of pictograms available is continually updated, so as to meet all the needs of users.

IziOzi adapts perfectly to any type of device. Once installed, is fully configurable, so as to size the table of communication according to need.

IziOzi is free and open source. The app can be downloaded for free from the play store (coming soon!), And is covered by the GNU GPL v3. You can 'download, use, configure and modify in a completely free and no cost.

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