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We believe music is meant for everyone. That’s why we created Jukebox, a platform where people interact with the musical atmosphere around them. We’ve made it so people can vote for the songs that play where they are. Log into the app and connect to an existing Jukebox near you to vote for the songs that play next in the specific location.

One day, we were in a coffee shop, waiting to order when we saw the computer behind the counter with a playlist, playing out music in the caffe. That was when we thought that it would be cool to vote what song plays next so as to have an impact on the atmosphere of the place where we were.

Jukebox has two components: the host and the guest. The host, which can be a pub, coffee shop or any public place, creates a Jukebox. The guests, people attending that location, connect to its Jukebox and vote for the upcoming songs.

This is how it works

1. The host creates a Jukebox from a computer on jukebox.tech

2. He uploads songs to the Jukebox

3. He switches the Jukebox on.

4. The guest connects to the Jukebox

5. He starts voting for the next songs

6. The most voted song will be played next

7. Guests, if they wish to, receive notifications to vote for the new song
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