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Sometimes the organization of space has a crucial meaning. We put our things in order and tidy our rooms, so what about our smartphones or tablets? Now you’ve got Just File Manager, the application which can help you to arrange files and folders on your device!

Just File Manager is a quick and easy-to-use file explorer for android providing a better functioning of your phone or tablet.

If you search for an app which can arrange your files the way you like it, Just File Manager is the best choice!
Here are some of its facilities:

A well-structured folder hierarchy lets you perform a fast search and have an easy access to all files on your device. You can also move files to SD card.

Standard files operations. This file explorer makes it possible to save, rename, replace or create new files. It allows you to remove files saved on the internal memory of your smartphone as well as on a micro SD card.
Grouping files by type. Just File Manager groups all files from your device into categories such as video, audio, images, documents, archives, downloads etc. Each category is allocated to a separate folder that speeds up and facilitates a search. Even if you don’t know the location or the name of your file you can easily access it - just open a corresponding folder!

A sidebar with all the categories. It’s possible to display the sidebar from any point in the app!
All folders on the internal memory or on a micro SD card are displayed as a directory structure.
All files can be sorted by size, by name or by date of change. This option is always accessible from the top menu bar.

A preview (thumbnails) for images and video files.

Try our new Just File Manager, download manager for android free, and you’ll be really surprised! Working with files on your smartphone or tablet has never been so easy and enjoyable.

Free Just File Manager for android has all functions required for a good work with files and folders. The clear hierarchy of folders and files makes it able to out-perform any other explorer search. Do you need to find a file, but you don’t remember its name? It’s not a problem! Just open the folder which contains files of the necessary type and sort them by date or by size. For Just File Manager it won’t be difficult to move files to sd card from internal memory or make a preview of images of files such as photos or videos.

Are you still looking for a file manager for android? Don’t hesitate and get Just File Manager right now! It’s so good, that you’ll forget other file explorers exist!
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    2017-09-19 11:58:16

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    LLC "JustMobi"

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    Android 2.3+

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