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JW Cards is a business card scanner and business social networking app, developed by Jingwei.com, a subsidiary of Renren Inc. (NYSE:RENN). It’s very popular among business users and has top rankings among similar products.

By scanning cards in batch, your cards’ information will be saved automatically both in your phone and the cloud, which you can easily manage and search, without any concern of losing these important information. You can also experience its social features to build up your social network.

Rating & reviews from users:

★★★★★ Scanned dozens of cards, impressed by the accuracy. I didn’t need to proofread at all! Very good to use, very convenient to manage cards. I’ll recommend this app to those who receive bizcards frequently.

★★★★★ It provided the Chat and People Nearby functions, really useful. You can manage your cards as well as communicate with others and expand your social network.

★★★★★ Excellent! Successfully recognized several cards in weird format.

★★★★★ 100% accurate! You can absolutely throw away the paper cards!


> 100% recognition accuracy, the industry-leading in the field.

Renren Inc. collaborated with Tsinghua Research Center, and obtained 7 OCR technology breakthroughs and 8 international patents (pending).

“Extremely accurate for card recognition!” – Noew York Stock Exchange (from its official page on Sina Weibo)

> Perfect combination of local OCR recognition and cloud recognition

Local OCR recognition: Get results immediately, no waiting.

Cloud recognition: 100% accuracy, no proofreading.

> The most powerful business social network platform

JW Cards is the only app which takes cards management, business communication and networking built into consideration.

Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution to meet all networking requirements for business people.

> Continuously innovating

Based on our strong R&D team and adequate funding, JW-Cards is developing and improving very fast. We plan to become one of the best business app with continuous innovation in the future.


Sometimes, you might wonder

How can I achieve success?

Success starts from small habits

Such as building a better network…

Everyday, get more business cards.

Everyday, communicate with more people.

Why not get success together with JW Cards?

Website: http://mobile.jingwei.com

Feedback Email: jingwei.feedback@renren-inc.com

Sina Weibo: http://weibo.com/mingpiantong

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