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Introducing Kaypay, Kotak Mahindra Bank’s first UPI (Unified Payment Interface) based, bank agnostic payment app. This app will let customers send and receive money using UPI platform without displaying their account number. Customers can create a virtual payment Address (VPA) that is linked to their bank accounts from which money can be sent or received. The Virtual Payment Address acts as a unique payment identifier for a bank customer. UPI can also be used to pay merchants who accept UPI as a payment mode.

This application will enable P2P (Person to Person) & P2M (Person to Merchants) payments in a quick and hassle-free way.

Using Kaypay, you can do the following:
1. Create your Virtual Payment Address (VPA)
2. Send Money or Receive Money
3. Collect Money
4. Link all your bank accounts (part of UPI)
5. Balance enquiry
6. Set/Reset UPI PIN
7. Check transaction status
8. Raise a query
Get Started:
• Open the app
• Verify the mobile number that is registered with the bank
• Link your accounts & create virtual payment address as “yourname@kaypay” using my accounts section
• If you have a UPI PIN, you can use that. If not, you can set a new one
• You are now ready to transact – send or request money using a VPA
How to send money:
• Choose the account from where you want to transfer money
• Enter the virtual payment address or account-IFSC of the recipient
• Enter Amount
• Enter remarks or comments
• Enter UPI PIN to confirm the transaction
How to request money:
• Choose the Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in which you want to receive money
• Enter the VPA from which you want to receive money
• Enter the amount
• Enter remarks or comments and confirm
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