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Keep Safe – Password Manager


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Keep Safe The Password Manager is highly reliable application that allow user to protect their digital identity and other personal information in a vault that is highly encrypted and none other than your master password cannot retrieve the information from it. We emphasis on simplified your online life by keeping all your credentials / Passwords at safest place with highest security implemented on it.

From now, Master Password will do. What you need to do is just save all your details related to your Shopping related stuff to your Emails account, Banking logins, Debit/Credit Cards details and so on in our app and add a strongest master password to it. That’s it. (We do not keep your password by any mode, hence users are requested to keep remember your password or to write it down on same safest place)

Our Prominent features:

Security comes first

• We encrypt your all information like name, numbers or passwords and other in a vault that is seriously encrypted with AES and 256-BIT encryption technology.
• We use a randomly generated ‘salt’ combined with master password.
• For safety purpose a master password is only accepted when it completes all levels of integrated security checks.
• For any check, you may check the data folder which is simultaneously created in your phone and check the level of security. ( We assure you even you yourself cannot recognise your password)

All rights reserves for user

• We never wants to know any of your information, hence we have not made any mandatory column to fill.
• User can fill any of field while adding the information, as all rights reserve to user.

All basic categories in single place

• We have mainly 7 categories where you can add your information accordingly.
• All designed fields of each category in such a manner that must have all basic information that everyone wants to remember.
• Categories and its respective fields can be added as per requirement.

Other useful features

• A notification icon is enabled when the app is running, just to avoid any misuse and mishandling of the apps and its subsequent features.
• In app search for simple and real time searching of information.
• Material user interface for attractive and simple to use.

Upcoming Features:

• Autofill user name, password and other information for all your online accounts.
• Audio notes: adding another milestone to security, audio notes will be added in the package.
• Synchronization of data with multiple devices
• Backup and Import of all saved data to csv
• Password Generator: For making your password stronger

Special Notes:
Keep Safe – Password Managers does not store your master password anywhere. Hence, user are requested to remind your master password strongly or we suggest you to write it down on any safest place. Once your Master Password is missing, it is impossible to retrieve your information.

If you would like this application, rate us 5 Star in Google Play. If you have any suggestions just review us or mail us on my Email id.
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